Multiple actors may find particular value in this website:

  • Government officials and elected representatives may use this website to, for example, orient domestic policy-making, including at the local and sub-national levels; inform positions taken in international institutions or standard-setting processes; and support alignment between NAPs and other national plans and inform capacity-building efforts at all levels of government.
  • National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) may use this website to undertake NBAs on business and human rights on their own accord or on request from their government. This website will also be helpful to NHRIs where they act as conveners of NAPs development processes, including NAP stakeholder committees. Information contained within this website can further be utilised by NHRIs to inform monitoring, investigations, education, and reporting activities linked to business and human rights issues, in line with their UN Paris Principles mandates.
  • Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) may use this website to inform the standard of a NAP process or to help in the creation of shadow NBAs to monitor and evaluate state commitments and progress in implementing the UNGPs, thereby supporting advocacy and dialogue with states and businesses. They can also use this website when preparing reports and submissions to national, regional, or international supervisory bodies on topics relevant to business and human rights.
  • Businesses may utilise this website to inform themselves about measures that can be expected of states in implementing the UNGPs, thereby preparing themselves for participation in NAP development processes.
  • Multilateral and bilateral development agencies may find this website useful when assessing baseline conditions and in designing and monitoring programmes and projects.
  • Media, researchers, and academia can use this website to help orient investigations, analysis, research, and reporting on government responses to the UNGPs, corporate accountability, and sustainable development more broadly.