5.8 Pillar 3: access to remedy 

Guiding Principle 30 [page 39]

The Federal Council regards support for grievance mechanisms as part of multi-stakeholder initiatives as an important means of guaranteeing access to remedy. They not only facilitate redress for those affected by abuses, but also boost the effectiveness and credibility of the initiatives concerned.

The federal government will employ the following policy instrument (PI) to implement Guiding Principle 30:

PI50 Grievance mechanism under the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) and other multi-stakeholder initiatives 

The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers stipulates an innovative grievance mechanism by which to punish violations by business enterprises. Claims may be made by employees or by third parties106. Similar contact points for affected parties are under discussion in other multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Switzerland provided significant content and financial support for the introduction of the ICoC grievance mechanism. It also makes a substantial financial contribution to the International Code of Conduct Association, which is responsible for implementing the grievance mechanism.

Switzerland will continue to offer political and financial support for the implementation of the ICoC, and thus also its grievance mechanism. Furthermore, through its membership of other multi-stakeholder initiatives it will promote the introduction of further such mechanisms.