Outcome 1.1: Promoting RBC Globally

Ongoing Commitments and Initiatives [page 8-9]

“International Labor Organization: The U.S. government will continue to engage with representatives of employers and workers, and with other governments, to address key issues including but not limited to: employment, protection of worker rights, and social protection. To that end, the U.S. government played an active role in the June 2016 International Labor Conference discussion on the opportunities and challenges in advancing decent work in global supply chains.” – Implementing Department or Agency: DOL, State

“Executive Orders and Regulations that Set Global Standards: DOL will continue to vigorously enforce new and existing protections for job applicants and workers of federal contractors, including those who are based outside of the United States. See Annex II for policies promoted by E.O.s that impact the responsible conduct of foreign companies that do business with the U.S. government.” – Implementing Department or Agency: DOL, State

Outcome 2.1: Enhance the Value of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives on RBC

New Actions [page 14-15]

“Promoting Worker Voice throughout Global Supply Chains: DOL, State, and USAID will promote worker voice and empowerment throughout global supply chains and will commit to: (1) building innovative tools to empower workers to directly report to relevant Departments concerns in federal supply chains; and (2) leverage public-private partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and labor diplomacy to promote worker empowerment throughout global supply chains. This effort will enhance the visibility of workers’ perspectives and of their representative organizations, and promote the ability of workers to organize. Various U.S. government agencies have funded and/or participated in initiatives to support stronger worker voice, such as through the Partnership for Freedom and the Supply Unchained initiatives.” – Implementing Department or Agency: DOL, State, USAID

“ILO-International Finance Corporation (IFC) Better Work Program: More than 60 American apparel brands are part of the Better Work program, implemented by the ILO in partnership with the IFC. DOL has funded Better Work programs in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Haiti, Jordan, Lesotho, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. The Better Work program is being implemented in 1,343 export apparel factories, supporting better labor conditions for approximately 1,750,000 workers worldwide.” – Implementing Department or Agency: DOL

Outcome 3.1: U.S. Government Reports

Ongoing Commitments and Initiatives [page 18]

Human Rights Reports: State will continue to publish its annual Human Rights Reports, which cover internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international agreements.” – Implementing Department or Agency: State