Outcome 1.1: Promoting RBC Globally

New Actions [page 8]

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: For the first time, in 2016 the U.S. National Contact Point (USNCP) for the OECD Guidelines published an annual report and in 2017 will develop an outreach plan to continue its efforts to broaden understanding and implementation of the OECD Guidelines among business. The USNCP will help organize two workshops related to the OECD’s work.” – Implementing Department or Agency: State

Outcome 3.2: Build U.S. Government Officials’ Capacity to Support RBC

New Actions [page 19]

“RBC Training for U.S. Embassies: … U.S. embassies are already engaged in promoting and recognizing RBC via their participation in the Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE) process. They are also tasked with referring companies and others to the USNCP, as appropriate” – Implementing Department or Agency: State

Providing Access to Remedy [page 23]

“As to remedies in the United States, the U.S. government will continue to help provide access to a grievance mechanism and the potential for remedy through its active USNCP for the OECD’s Specific Instance process and through the World Bank’s Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative.”

Outcome 5.1: Exploring and Enhancing Platforms for Remedy

New Actions [page 23]

“Improving the Performance of the USNCP for the OECD Guidelines: Delivering on the June 2015 G-7 Leaders’ Summit Declaration, the USNCP commits to undergo a peer review in the fall of 2017 contingent on OECD Secretariat availability. The USNCP will publish a 2017 outreach plan in early 2017, which will include outreach to stakeholders outside of the United States. By 2017, the USNCP will implement procedures to reduce barriers for stakeholders who would like to engage in the USNCP process but do not speak and/or read English. The USNCP facilitated its first-ever successful mediation in 2015 and two successful mediations as of June 2016. By 2016 the USNCP also implemented 97 percent of the recommendations of its Stakeholder Advisory Board’s 2014 report. The mandate of the Stakeholder Advisory Board to the USNCP will be updated to further address priorities espoused in this NAP.” – Implementing Department or Agency: State

Annex I: The NAP Process [page 24]

“In addition to the four open dialogues, the U.S. government created a dedicated email address for stakeholder input on the NAP process through which we received written input from a variety of different stakeholders … Key themes raised by stakeholders included … promote RBC through U.S. government procurement practices….”