The National Action Plan

Leading by example

Outcome 1.2: Utilise US law, Multilateral agreements, and diplomacy to promote and enforce high standards

Ongoing commitments and initiatives

Free Trade Agreements [page 9]: The United States has sought to promote the role that governments can play in encouraging companies to engage in RBC in the context of 21st century free trade agreements (FTAs). For example, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries agreed to establish a TPP Development Committee that would promote public-private cooperative initiatives to help certain TPP partners reach their development goals, which include the promotion of broad-based economic growth; enhanced opportunities for women in domestic and global economies; and education, science and technology, research, and innovation. Implementing department or agency: USTR, State, Commerce, DOL

Outcome 1.4: Conducting Due Diligence in U.S. Developing Funding and Trade Finance

Social Safeguards for U.S. Development Assistance [page 12]:USAID will develop a social safeguards screening questionnaire that Missions may use as an assessment tool when designing new projects (including public-private partnerships) to ensure due diligence on social and human rights issues. Implementing department or agency: USAID