US – Privatis

The National Action Plan

Outcome 1.3: Leverage U.S. Government Purchasing Power to Promote High Standards

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Ongoing Commitments and Initiatives:

State and Department of Defense (DOD) Contracting with Private Security Providers: DOD requires private security companies (PSCs) with which it contracts to demonstrate conformance with standards consistent with the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICOC), a set of human rights and humanitarian principles agreed upon by certain states, PSCs, and NGOs. Similarly, State requires PSCs servicing its Worldwide Protective Services II contract to confirm their conformance with the same standards and has incorporated membership-in-good-standing in the ICOC Association as a requirement for bidding on that contract. State will also review if and how such approaches may be applied to their local guard force contracts.

Implementing Department or Agency:

State, DOD