United Kingdom

The UK 2016 NAP makes a reference to export credit in the Actions taken section [page 8]:

“To give effect to the UN Guiding Principles, the Government has … implemented the requirements of the OECD 2012 Common Approaches, and considered relevant adverse project-related human rights impacts in providing applicable Export Credit Agency (ECA) support through UK Export Finance (UKEF). UKEF will consider any reports made publicly available by the UK National Contact Point (NCP) in respect of the human rights record of a company when considering a project for export credit. The UK has been involved with the discussions, and negotiations, on the implementation of the OECD 2012 Common Approaches and the need to amend this, in respect of ongoing experience on project-related human rights. The UK continues to be involved in negotiations on any agreed clarifications to the OECD 2012 Common Approaches.”