The UK 2016 NAP refers to trade in section Government commitments [page 11]:

“The Government will do the following to reinforce its implementation of its commitments under Pillar 1 of the UNGPs:

  • Support the EU commitment to consider the possible human rights impacts of free trade agreements, including where these include investment protection provisions, and take appropriate steps including through the incorporation of human rights clauses as appropriate.”

The UK 2016 NAP states in the section on Actions taken to support business implementation of the UNGPs that [page 16]:

“To help businesses to fulfil their responsibility to respect human rights the Government has:

(vii) continued to update and promote the joint FCO-UKTI Overseas Business Risk (OBR) service, which provides information about business environments in the countries where UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has a presence, to ensure it includes specific country human rights information and links to the UNGPs and other relevant tools and guidance.