Uganda – Policy Coherence


OBJECTIVE 1: To strengthen institutional capacity, operations and coordination efforts of state and non-state actors for the protection and promotion of human rights in businesses.

4.1.1 Strengthen coordination between the different government agencies working on business and human rights

  1. Strengthening existing government structures to enhance business and human rights.
  2. Sensitize and disseminate information to duty bearers.
  3. Establish a multi-sectoral committee on business and human rights.
  4. Strengthen existing district coordination committees and human rights desks and units at district and lower local government level.


OBJECTIVE 5: To enhance access to remedy to victims of business-related human rights abuses and violations in business operations.

4.5.1 Strengthen access to remedy mechanisms against business-related human rights abuses and violations


vi. Enhancing inter-sector and inter-agency coordination in handling complaints of victims of business-related human rights abuses and violations.



5.1 Ministry Of Gender, Labour and Social Development


vi. Create and establish effective mechanisms and networks to enhance coordination of implementation of the NAP.


5.7 Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

  1. Coordinate the formulation and review of legislation pertaining to business and human rights.


5.8 Local Governments


viii. Coordinate, monitor and supervise implementation of the policy and the equal opportunities Act at their respective levels.