Uganda – Finance and Banking Sector


3.6 Consumer Protection


Uganda has maintained a liberal economic policy since the late 1980s. This policy approach has seen Uganda divest most public enterprise and allow private sector players in a number of important sectors of the economy such as telecommunications, energy/electricity, transport and banking. There is evidence that this economic policy approach has driven economic development in the country, with greater multiplier and inter-sectoral effects. However, the full potential of the economic policy reforms has been hampered by some uncompetitive practices by some of the private sector players.


The current policy, legal and regulatory framework related to promotion of fair competition and consumer protection is fragmented. A number of sub-sectors have policies and laws that govern the promotion of competition and consumer protection. These include; Financial institutions i.e. deposit taking, money lenders and insurance companies …


5.5 Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development

  1. Ensure allocation of funds to sectors for implementation of the action plan in line with the public finance management Act.
  2. Promote the integration of the action plan in all sector budgets and plans.
  3. Enact appropriate tax regimes.