Thailand – SMEs

3. The core content of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

3.4 Action Plan on Cross Border Investment and Multinational Enterprises

3.4.1 Overview of the situation

TDI (Thai Direct Investment Abroad) is not only causing money to flow outside of the country, but if looking at the opposite side, foreign investment will help expand the supply chain and expand export channels for Thai investors in the form of an “Investment-Induced Trade” strategy by creating more value for the economy through investment in potential countries. In addition, in the future, it may be a way to convince small companies that are in the same supply chain to invest more, which will expand the regional supply chain of Thailand to be stronger.


3.4.3 Action Plan (2019–2022)

Pillar 1: State duties in protecting (Protect)







Responsible agencies Time-frame (2019–2022) Indicators (wide frame) Compliance with National Strategy/ SDGs/UNGPs
7. Business operations Study and consider imposing incentive measures consistent with the activities of the business sector in accordance with the Thai context of many small establishments, by directly determining incentives for entrepreneurs and labour, such as creating support programmes.

Organize human rights protection activities in small establishments.

–   Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council

–   SME Bank

–   Office of the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprise

2019–2022 An incentive studied and determined

for businesses, entrepreneurs, and labour considering the situation in Thailand of many small establishments

–   National Strategy for Public Sector Rebalancing and Development

–   SDG 8 and 16

–   UNGPs Articles 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10


  1. The promotion of implementation of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights and mechanisms for monitoring, follow-up and evaluation of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

4.2 Examples of long-term activities (4 years)

8. Promote the implementation of the NAP and UNGPs among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Ministry of Justice 2019–2022