Thailand – Energy sector

3.2 Action plan for community, land, natural resources and the environment

3.2.3 Action Plan (2019–2022)

Activities: Organize discussions and public hearing to receive people’s opinions, including from related ethnic groups in the area. The public and communities should get access to complete information and participate in decision-making processes easily, as well as giving comments on the evaluation of the effect on the environment, land expropriation considerations, land management and forest conservation of the government, etc. before undertaking any project, including large-scale projects relating to energy management, power plants, petroleum, and drilling for the exploration of natural resources, in order to encourage people and communities to have a role in determining project operation areas, considering the way of life and culture. – page 76

Strengthen the current impact assessment process to be stronger, especially in large-scale development projects such as infrastructure and mining and energy projects. – page 80