Taiwan – Land

IV. The corporate responsibility to respect human rights

C. Actions planned

  • Advocate for disclosure of non-financial information (pages 14-15)

‘In addition to studying the feasibility of expanding the range of businesses subject to a compulsory requirement to prepare CSR reports, the Taiwan government will also advocate for disclosure by businesses of non-financial information (related issues will include important environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics — such as the […] forced evictions, indigenous land rights, […] — all of which are matters of concern to stakeholders). The goal of such a policy would be to ensure that businesses understand that the disclosure of non-financial information can make up for the shortcomings of financial information, thus enabling businesses to effectively identify and manage risks. This would facilitate the formulation of better business policies, and contribute to the achievement of forward-looking objectives, thus enabling the adoption of sustainable business practices.’

This issue is also covered under Appendix 4: Overview of the implementation of the state duty to protect and the access to remedy, The State duty to protect, UNGP3, Actions planned (pages 42-43).