Taiwan – Energy sector

IV. The corporate responsibility to respect human rights

B. Actions taken

State encouragement of respect by businesses for human rights

The Taiwanese government has launched a Green Finance Action Plan that identifies green energy technology and other key industries as top-priority recipients of financial institution support so that they can spur the achievement of energy conservation and carbon reduction targets and environmental protection goals. – page 11/12

Appendix 1: Concrete actions taken by Taiwan to fulfill the state obligation to protect

Government procurement

Article 26-1 of the “Government Procurement Act” stipulates that an entity may prescribe technical specifications in accordance with Article 26 to promote the conservation of natural resources and protection of environment, and adopt related measures to save energy, save resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Increases in project expenditures or technical service fees, if any, shall be incorporated into the project budget for approval when preparing the technical specifications or measures. – page 24

Article 25 of the “Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act” stipulates that all levels of government, public education institutions, and government-run enterprises shall promote energy saving and use energy-efficient products or services to reduce GHG emissions. – page 25

Article 26 of the “Statute for Industrial Innovation” provides as follows:

Appendix 2: Concrete actions taken by Taiwan to ensure respect by businesses for human rights

Governments can provide information and support to enterprises. The Taiwan government has implemented several regulations and measures to provide enterprises with guidance and support, including the following:  

To encourage the sustainable development of industries, the central authorities in charge of relevant enterprises may provide enterprises with grants or guidance to promote the following matters: (a) Assisting enterprises in adapting to international regulations for environmental protection and health and safety. (b) Promoting the development and application of technology relating to greenhouse gas reduction and pollution prevention. (c) Encouraging enterprises to improve the efficiency of their energy and resource consumption and to adopt relevant technologies that may recycle/renew energy/resources and save energy and water. (d) Production of non-toxic, less-polluting products and other products that reduce the burden on the environment. – page 31

The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy cooperates with the government to develop renewable energy, strengthen the promotion of green finance and sustainable finance, and help enterprises to comply with the “Principles for Responsible Banking” and the recommendations of the “Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. – page 33