5. National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

5.7 Pillar 1: state duty to protect

5.7.2 Operational principles: legislative and information policy measures [pages 18-19]

PI10 Initiative on respect for labour and human rights in value chains

The federal government promotes the implementation of the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) as part of economic development cooperation, and in cooperation with the ILO itself. In this context, it designed a project with the ILO to ensure that labour rights are implemented by business enterprises in developing countries. It supports the ILO and International Finance Corporation (IFC) Better Work programme for the clothing industry as well as the ILO’s SCORE (Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises) programme, which focuses on working conditions at SMEs. Among its economic cooperation programmes, the federal government also supports projects to protect children. These projects are run jointly with the ILO, governments, the private sector and unions, and are focused on compliance with fundamental labour standards, including measures to combat child and forced labour. The federal government also pursues a wide variety of activities to support the human rights aspects of sustainable value chains. The federal government will continue these activities, as set out in its Dispatch on International Cooperation 2017-2020.