5. National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

 Section 5.7.3 The State-business nexus [page 22]:

PI17 Human rights due diligence by federal businesses and federal government-associated businesses

…Relations between government-associated enterprises and the Confederation are described in the federal government’s Corporate Governance Report. The Federal Council defines its strategic goals for related enterprises every four years. While these goals do not specifically contain criteria for business and human rights, the Federal Council expresses the expectation that related enterprises will pursue a sustainable corporate strategy to the best of their business ability. In 2017, the federal government will draw up a status report on the fulfillment of CSR in its own activities. This is to cover the federal government’s role as an employer, a purchaser, an investor and as an owner of federal government-associated companies (in accordance with the Federal Council’s CSR position paper, activity B.3.1). This interpretive framework should also highlight any need for action in the future, and where appropriate propose measures to the Federal Council.