5. National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

5.7 Pillar 1: state duty to protect

5.7.5 Policy Coherence

Guiding Principle 9 [page 30-31]

Guiding Principle 9 relates to economic agreements that the federal government enters into with other States or with business enterprises. Specifically, these include the WTO, bilateral investment treaties, free trade agreements and contracts for investment projects. (…) The Federal Council endeavours to ensure that protection for human rights is incorporated by means of consistency clauses into these contractual agreements, and that the contractual partners’ regulatory scope to fulfil their human rights obligations is not restricted. It also runs targeted projects to foster respect for human rights among business enterprises in partner States.

PI34 Consistency Between Investment Protection Agreements and the Protection of Human Rights

It is also committed to the application to new IPAs of the UNCITRAL Rules on Transparency in Treaty-based Investor-State Arbitration, which came into effect on 1 April 2014.