Switzerland – Migrant Workers

2 National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights 2020-23

2.2 Pillar 2: the corporate responsibility to respect human rights


2.2.2 Operational principles: human rights due diligence

Guiding Principles 16 to 21

Measure 29: Public-private partnerships to promote respect for human rights in the value chain

The federal government supports a project to promote human rights due diligence with a view to preventing the exploitation of Syrian refugees and migrant workers in neighbouring countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan). The aim is to strengthen the contribution that business enterprises make to providing decent work opportunities and combatting exploitation in the textile, agricultural and construction sectors in these countries.

Objective Indicator Responsibility
Establish partnerships with the private sector to create decent work opportunities in value chains. Swiss and private sector contributions to the Better Work and SCORE programmes and to projects aimed at protecting migrant workers from exploitation. FDFA [Federal Department of Foreign Affairs],

EAER [Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research].