5. National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

5.7 Pillar 1: state duty to protect

5.7.7 Policy coherence

Guiding Principle 8 [page 30]

PI32 National human rights institution

In 2010, the Federal Council and the SCHR embarked on a five-year pilot project with the remit to build capacity at all levels of the political system, in civil society and in business to fulfil Switzerland’s international human rights obligations, and to encourage public debate about human rights. One of the core areas covered by the SCHR is what it refers to as the ‘thematic cluster’ of Human Rights and Business. On 29 June 2016, the Federal Council decided to set up a national human rights institution. Its purpose is to further strengthen human rights in Switzerland, to support the authorities, civil society organisations and business enterprises in human rights matters, and to encourage exchange between the relevant actors. The FDJP and the FDFA have been commissioned to submit a consultation draft to the Federal Council by the end of June 2017. Under the UNGP, national human rights in situations play an important part in supporting States with the implementation of human rights.