South Korea – Workers’ Rights

C. Current Status

1. Domestic Status [page 3]

  • Increased discussion of corporate social responsibility as a result of human rights issues such as low wages, … , poor working environment, … in the management process of multinational corporations.
  • Revision of 「Procurement Business Act」 and addition of an article promoting corporate social responsibility on January 2016
    * Article 3-2 (Encouraging Social Responsibility)
    The administrator of the Public Procurement Service may reflect social and environmental values such as … human rights, labor, employment, … in the procurement process to encourage corporate social responsibility.


D. Tasks for the Third NAP

Institutionalization of Human Rights Management

2. Establish and implement measures for corporate sustainability management [page 5]

  • Reflect ‘respecting human rights·prohibition on discrimination’ ‘work-life balance’ on the criteria of factual survey on corporate sustainability management and reward assessment.

7. Prevent human rights violations to local workers in Korean companies overseas [page 6]

  • Share major issues and establish a cooperation system with related domestic and foreign institutions.
  • Open local briefing session on labor management for Korean companies oversea and domestic briefing session for companies scheduled to go abroad.
  • Publish and provide data of labor management country-by-country.