South Korea – NCP

C. Current Status

1. Domestic Status [page 3]

  • According to ‘Operation Rules for National Contact Point (NCP) for Implementing OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises’ enacted in 2001, NCP was established within the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. But considering the fact that it is insufficient to prevent human rights violations of corporations, NCP amends operational rules and strengthens the diversity and professionalism of its members.

2. Implementation of the Second NAP [page 4]

  • Improvement of OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises National Contact Point (NCP)
    – Held meetings and seminars for overseas Korean companies to promote the implementation of OECD Guidelines.
    – Operated NCP website ( and opened English website.
    – Diversified the composition of the members as requested in the OECD Guidelines and professionalized the operational procedures.


D. Tasks for the Third NAP

Enhance the Effectiveness of Grievance Settlement-Relief Process

3. Enhance the effectiveness of government-based remedy [page 6]

  • Benchmark advanced countries who have operated NCPs for a long time through the OECD peer review process.
  • Improve the operation of NCP.
    – Diversify the composition of organization to make possible for neutral and professional personnel to participate
    – Share best practices of foreign objection to enhance the effectiveness of guidelines
    – Expand the participation of the persons concerned including NGOs, employer’s federation, etc.
  • Strengthen consistent promotion on the NCP system including its functions.