Slovenia – Persons with disabilities

Principle 3a – Work and employment of persons with disabilities

Protection of persons with disabilities against discrimination is provided for by legislation, which also envisages positive, protective and other measures for such persons. (pg. 14)

Slovenia is striving to guarantee measures to improve the employability of persons with disabilities by providing various programmes and training. In this context, it is essential to inform employers of the possibility of adequately adjusting the working environment and the workplace, as well as to encourage persons with disabilities to seek employment. (pg. 14)

In accordance with the European Disability Strategy 2010–2020 and the World Programme of Action for Youth, special attention is devoted to measures for the effective development of employment possibilities and opportunities for young people with disabilities. (pg. 14)

The priorities regarding the work and employment of persons with disabilities include: Improving the employability of employed persons with disabilities, fostering the training and employment of disabled persons in state administration bodies, and providing an expert support network for employment rehabilitation. (pg. 17)