Principle 3a – Laws enforcing respect for HR

The numerous guidelines and activities of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia prove its commitment to ensuring respect for human rights in business. (pg.12)

Principle 3a – Health and safety at work

The Ministry will set up a mechanism for exchanging good practices and experience in workplace health promotion. (pg. 18)

Principle 6 – Planned measures

The Slovene export and development bank, SID Bank, will continue to observe the principles according to which it has operated, including the principle of balanced and sustainable development (economic, environmental and social development), and follow good practices in the implementation of these principles in comparable institutions in the EU. (pg. 28)

Principle 10 – Basic Orientations

It will thus continue to actively participate in the annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, which is an important platform for exchanging good practices and raising awareness of the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In addition, it will encourage the exchange of experience and good practices in business and human rights. (pg. 32)