Slovenia – Corruption

Principle 1 – State’s duty to protect human rights

In accordance with its international commitments and national legislation, Slovenia will strive for the effective implementation of policies and measures…combating corruption. (pg. 9)

Principle 2 – States sets expectation for respecting human rights

Respect for human rights in the business sector is also required by the laws governing…the fight against corruption. (pg. 10)

Principle 3(d) – Non-financial reporting

In accordance with the Act Amending the Companies Act, which transposed Directive 2014/95/EU into the Slovenian legal order, large companies which are public-interest entities exceeding the average number of 500 employees must include a non-financial statement in the management report, containing information…relating to the fight against corruption and bribery. (pg. 23)

Principle 9 – Adequate domestic policy to meet HR obligations

Channeling development cooperation towards ensuring human rights is indirectly reflected in the…fight against corruption, endeavours to achieve responsible management of public finance. (pg. 31)