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PILLAR I: The state’s duty to protect human rights

1. Regulations relating to business and human rights under Polish law

Occupational safety and health

The provisions for ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions by employers are set out in Division 10 of the Labour Code, “Health and Safety at Work”, as well as in other generally applicable laws. (…) Division 10 of the Labour Code specifies the rights and obligations of employees with respect to health and safety at work, the basic health and safety requirements for buildings and working premises, as well as machines and other technical equipment, requirements regarding factors and processes of work that create particular threats to health or life, obligations providing employees with preventive health protection, employers’ obligations related to accidents at work and occupational diseases, obligations to provide health and safety training, obligations to provide employees with measures of individual protection and work clothes and shoes, requirements to establish a health and safety at work service, requirements to provide consultations on health and safety at work and a commission on health and safety at work. – page 14