Poland – E and CC

Pillar II: The Corporate responsibility to respect human rights

2. Dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experience in implementing CSR [pages 29-30]

There are four categories of corporate activities that relate to corporate social responsibility: corporate governance, employees, the environment, and the product. The activities conducted within these categories may include:… 3) responsible management of natural resources, reduction of gaseous emissions, responsible waste and sewage management, reduction of energy and water consumption; 4) responsible approach to supply chains, including the extraction and transport of raw materials…

In September 2016, the Minister of Economic Development and Finance established the Advisory Board for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Advisory Board) (Journal of the Minister of Economic Development of 22 September 2016, Item 49). The main task of this subsidiary body to the Minister of Economic Development and Finance is to conduct dialogue and exchange experiences between public administration, businesses, social partners, non-governmental organisations, and research and development institutions in order to develop recommendations and proposals for sustainable development and disseminate the principle of social solidarity and responsible business conduct.