Pillar I: The state’s duty to protect human rights

1. Regulations relating to business and human rights

Occupational safety and health [page 14]

“The provision of safe and hygienic working conditions to employees is also ensured by the provisions of other laws, including the Construction Law, Atomic Law, and Geological and Mining Law.”

Pillar III: Access to remedies

3. National Labour Inspectorate (PIP): an institution that oversees business and human rights

Supervisory and inspection activities [page 47]

“The National Labour Inspectorate actively supports employers’ involvement in issues concerning safety and working conditions, as well as employee participation, both in its oversight and inspection capacity and in its preventive and promotional activities. These include seminars, conferences, and training meetings with employers involved in permanent workplace safety improvement programmes (enhanced oversight in industrial establishments, permanent inspections in construction, rail infrastructure, forestry, and mining sectors).”