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Pillar II: The corporate responsibility to respect human rights

 4. Investment strategy and an ideal investor’s profile [page 31 – 32]:

The development of the objectives of the Investment Strategy and investment support tools, including the amendment of the Programme for Supporting Investments of Significant Importance for the Polish Economy in 2011-2023, constitutes one of the measures implementing the Responsible Development Plan and the Strategy for Responsible Development. Defining the criteria for obtaining government assistance by selected investors who meet certain criteria (the so-called good practice catalogue) that, at the same time, are consistent with the concept of corporate responsibility, is an important element of the investment strategy from the perspective of respecting human rights. Apart from the elements of a purely economic nature, assistance should be granted to investors who not only contribute to the economic development of the country, but who also affect its development in the social, environmental, and work culture areas.

In addition, of special importance will be those investors who provide employees with tools that enable or facilitate saving. Investors should act in accordance with the UN principles for responsible investment and positively affect the regional communities and their immediate economic environment.