Pillar III: Access to remedies

Mediation in civil-, economic-, and individual labour-law [page 41]:

The National Labour Inspectorate is an authority established in order to oversee and verify the observance of labour law, in particular occupational health and safety rules and regulations. During the implementation of its tasks, the National Labour Inspectorate cooperates with trade unions, employers’ organisations, workers’ self-government authorities, workers’ councils, social labour inspections, and public employment services in the meaning of the provisions on the promotion of employment and labour market institutions and state administration authorities, particularly authorities for overseeing and inspecting working conditions, the Police, the Border Guard, customs authorities, revenue offices, and the Social Insurance Institution, as well as local self-government authorities.

4. OECD National Contact Point [page 49-50, 53]

This includes details on the complaints procedure where an individual feels that there has been non-observance of the OECD Guidelines.