Pillar I: The state’s duty to protect human rights

5. Planned changes in national legislation

Regulations on so-called whistle-blowers [page 25]

Efforts to regulate the position of so-called whistle-blowers will continue. Without changes in the sphere of the law and awareness, it will not be possible to realistically improve the situation of people who reveal abusive practices in Poland. Legislative work is currently under way at the Ministry of Justice with regard to regulations on the protection of whistle-blowers in Poland. It is also necessary to launch a broad social campaign due to the low level of social awareness of whistle-blowing and the role it plays in the public interest.

On 10 April 2017, a pilot programme called ‘Sygnaliści’ (Whistle-blowers) was initiated by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Anyone may report suspected anti-competitive agreement or abuse of a dominant position by a business on a dedicated telephone number or by email. This information can be submitted anonymously, and officials have no intention of determining the identity of the whistle-blower. However, there is a need to address the legal issues related to the status of whistle-blowers in a systematic way, and to protect them from possible negative consequences from the parties whose infringements they have reported.