Norway – Equality

1. Global developments and CSR

1.2 Human Rights and States Obligations [page 13]

Human rights are the fundamental rights of the individual that apply irrespective of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other belief, property, birth and other factors. It is the state’s duty to protect human rights, both by avoiding human rights abuses themselves and ensuring that human rights are respected by private parties under their jurisdiction. Protection of human rights is laid down in international agreements and customary international law, which is binding on states. Any violation of these rights by a state is considered to be a violation of international law.

2. The State Duty to Protect Human Rights

2.1 The State as legislator [page 18]

In 2014, a number of human rights were also enshrined in the Norwegian Constitution. The duty of business enterprises to respect human rights is set out in Norwegian legislation, for example…the Gender Equality Act.