2. The State duty to protect human rights

2.7 Policy Coherence in the Central Government Administration [page 26]:

The eighth principle deals with the state’s responsibility for ensuring coherence in the central government administration:

8. States should ensure that governmental departments, agencies and other State-based institutions that shape business practices are aware of and observe the State’s human rights obligations when fulfilling their respective mandates, including by providing them with relevant information, training and support.

To strengthen coordination, the Government will establish an interministerial working group headed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that Norway’s CSR-related positions in international forums are coherent, and that the relevant ministries are notified of international decisions. See also section 2.1, The state as legislator. The Government’s consultative body on matters relating to CSR, KOMpakt, will continue to serve as a forum for regular dialogue at top level between the authorities, the private sector, trade unions, academics and civil society.