Pillar 1: The State Duty to Protect Human Rights

Strand 8: Legislation, Policies and Incentives

Action Point 8.1. (page 60)

The Ministry of Economy will support the legal provision committed in the Agenda for Productivity, Innovation and Growth seeking to create a legal framework for social business enterprises, by encouraging the incorporation of business and human rights criteria.

Strand 9: State Business Enterprises

Action Point 9.3 (page 62)

To strengthen coordination between the Ministries forming part of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group, amplify the impact of this Action Plan, and make known its progress, the Group will carry out the following actions: …

2. Encourage the adoption of policies, statements or codes of conduct by business enterprises and urge the implementation of mechanisms of due diligence.

Pillar 2: The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

Strand 3: Reports on Human Rights Issues

Action Point 3.1 (page 74)

The Ministry of Economy will:

  • Promote, through the Division of Associativity and Social Economy, strategies and mechanisms of accountability and non-financial reporting for cooperatives, which will include the potential risks of their businesses on human rights. To encourage the use of this practice, an electronic template will be developed in 2017, free of charge and freely available, for these bodies to report to the State and their different target audiences.