National Human Rights Institutions – Kenya


3.3. Pillar 3: Access to Remedy

Policy Actions [Pages 19-20]

A) State-based judicial and non-judicial remedies

The Government will:

iii.     Provide training and support to the judicial, administrative and oversight organs on business obligations in respect of human rights. Priority will be given to the following institutions:

  • […]
  • Constitutional bodies including the KNCHR
  • […]



To ensure that the measures proposed in this NAP are implemented, there shall be a NAP Steering Committee overseen by the Department of Justice and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. The Implementing Committee will consist of representatives from the following institutions:

6. Kenya National Commission on Human Rights



Strategic Objective Policy Actions Key Actors
Strategic Objective 1: Enhance existing policy, legal, regulatory and administrative framework for ensuring respect of human rights by business through legal review and development of specific guidance for business


Ensure continuous training for government agencies’ workers involved in the promotion and regulation of businesses on the State’s human rights obligations and the nexus to their various mandates and functions KSG, OAG&DOJ, KNCHR, KEPSA, KAM



Strengthen leverage in using public procurement to promote human rights PPOA, KNCHR, OAG&DOJ
Strategic objective 2: Enhance understanding of the obligation of business to respect human rights Develop and disseminate guidance for businesses on their duty to respect human rights and the operationalisation of this duty in the Kenyan context, including the implications of their operations. OAG&DOJ, KNCHR, KAM, KEPSA, Global Compact
Enforce compliance with human rights standards by State owned enterprises and other businesses that receive export credit and state support, including by providing access to a remedy for human rights violations. State Corporations Advisory Committee, KNCHR
Strategic Objective 3: Enhance access to justice for victims of business-related human rights abuses Provide training and support to the judicial, administrative and oversight organs on business obligations in respect of human rights. Judiciary, JTI, KNCHR
Improving access to information on available judicial and non-judicial mechanisms involved in the resolution of business-related abuses as a measure to promote access to justice. Judiciary, CAJ, KNCHR, KAM, KEPSA, Kenya Chamber of Commerce
Assist community based organisations working on human rights issues to build their technical capacity to effectively monitor human rights impacts by business. KNCHR, NGEC