Luxembourg – Non-judicial mechanisms

Part II: Specific objectives of the National Action Plan 2020-2022


3. The need to define remedies for victims of human rights abuses

3.1. Mapping of judicial and non-judicial, public and private remedies for human rights violations



This includes, among other things and beyond judicial remedies, taking stock of non-judicial public and corporate remedies, strengthening OECD-NCP relations with civil society and providing appropriate training on available remedies to corporate human rights focal points.

Objectively verifiable indicators ×        Benchmark: NAP 1, National Baseline Assessment (NBA) [Etude de base]
Verification sources –        Laws and regulations

–        Recommended practices

–        Exchanges with the NCP

–        Identification of good practices and possible gaps

Expected results ×        Increasing the number and adapting to the needs of the remedies

×        Information on the remedies available

×        Discussion on the usefulness of class actions for the implementation of the Guidelines, especially in view of the provisions of the Coalition Agreement in this context

Implementation timeline Duration of NAP 2
Means of implementation –       MAEE (Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs)

–       Ministry of Justice

–       Public and private mediation bodies

–       Business and Human Rights Working Group


The 2020-22 NAP states the second edition of the National Action Plan complements the first NAP. Additional information about the first NAP can be found here.