Part III – NAP
3. Government’s Response

3.2. A joint work program (pg.30)

…An information, awareness and promotion campaign on the UN Guiding Principles provides companies with the elements to better understand the scope of their obligations and their expectations, as well as the opportunity that compliance with the UN Guiding´Principles can be achieved in terms of risk management and competitiveness. Among other things, a special emphasis will be placed on labour exploitation…

…In order to ensure a concrete follow-up that will allow a real measure of the commitment made by one another, it is proposed to organize training based on the UN Guiding Principles for the staff of signatory companies. To this end, a collaboration between the INDR and House of Training is encouraged in the second half of 2018. The participation of non-governmental actors can be envisaged for the development of specific training modules, for example on the topic … prevention of forced labor and human trafficking in supply and production chains and services used …

Other measures:

  1. Consider the ratification of the Protocol (P29) of 2014 to the ILO Convention against Forced Labor;