Luxembourg – Data protection & Privacy

Introduction (pg. 8)

The National Data Protection Commission is another chosen interlocutor in the implementation of the NAP because of aspects of its mission concerning the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals and the respect for privacy.


Part III – NAP
3. Government’s Response (p.28)

A preliminary diagnosis allows for the identification of the potential risk of negative impacts on human rights that activities in the private sector may have … – including in the information and communication technologies – including the field of artificial intelligence – data protection …


3.1. A dialogue with non-governmental actors (pg. 29)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to which a number of Luxembourg companies have already subscribed, as well as risk management and data protection are important entry points for initiating a dialogue with the private sector.


3.2. A joint work program (pg.31)

A structured dialogue to be organized by the Interministerial Committee between all the actors involved allows:

  • To note the level of existing corporate commitment, particularly through efforts in areas of … data protection