Part III – NAP

3. Government’s Response

3.2. A joint work program (pg.31)

Other measures:

  • Preparation of the implementation of the European regulation regarding conflict minerals in Luxembourg.


Part I – Rational Framework for the development, adoption and implementation of the NAP

2. National Context

2.2. Governmental program (pg.17)

The government has reaffirmed its commitment to the values of human rights in the governmental program adopted in 2013, and demonstrates its sense of responsibility in this area, particularly in its external initiatives:

  • “Luxembourg will continue to work for the prevention of conflicts, for the preservation and consolidation of peace and development, with the conviction that there is an intrinsic link between security and development which is a condition of stability and democracy around the world and that we will not be able to obtain lasting peace and security, nor development, without the respect of human rights. Luxembourg is constantly working in favour of fundamental rights, public freedoms and the promotion of the rule of law.”