Luxembourg – Children’s Rights

Introduction (pg. 8)

… Regular contacts with, among others, the four national human rights institutions took place in the context [of drafting the NAP]:

  • the Ombudsman Comittee for the Rights of the Child expresses its opinion on draft laws and regulations on the rights of the child and proposes amendments; it reports on the situation of children and ensures the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and presents to the Government and the Chamber of Deputies an annual report on its activities and on the children’s rights situation in Luxembourg. The Committee promotes the free expression of children and their active participation in issues that concern them; it examines situations in which the rights of the child are not respected and makes recommendations to remedy them. The Committee receives information, complaints and grievances from children and tries to mediate and give advice to ensure the best possible protection of children;


Part III – NAP

3. Government’s Response

3.2. A joint work program (pg.30)

In order to ensure a concrete follow-up that will allow a real measure of the commitment made by one another, it is proposed to organize training based on the UN Guiding Principles for the staff of signatory companies. To this end, a collaboration between the INDR and House of Training is encouraged in the second half of 2018. The participation of non-governmental actors can be envisaged for the development of specific training modules, for example on the topic … children’s rights …