The Lithuanian NAP makes reference to impact assessments, but only in the context of impact assessments conducted by the state on regulatory proposals.

Objective 1: ensuring State’s duty to protect, defend and respect human rights

A. Legislative measures [page 2]

1. “Improvement of the legislative process … Law on Legislative Framework of the Republic of Lithuania was adopted on 18 September 2012, and came into force on 1 January 2014. Following the principles of openness and transparency, it provides for law-making to be made public, as general interest-related legislative decisions cannot be made without public awareness and without the possibilities to participate; the public must have access to information related to the national policy objectives, the need for legal regulation and participating bodies; the civil society and interest groups must be provided with a possibility to submit proposals for legal regulation at all the stages of law-making. It also provides for the right to know the bodies that were involved in submitting, drafting and assessing regulatory impact of a respective legislative proposal, and the bodies monitoring legal regulation.”