Objective 1: ensuring State’s duty to protect, defend and respect human rights

A. Legislative measures [page 1]

2. “Reforming legal regulation regarding administrative liability. The aim is to regulate individual administrative liability in the Republic of Lithuania, to separate it from criminal liability, ensuring the main features of the administrative liability: simple fast-track process, preference to non-repressive impact measures, and their adequacy to the committed offence, thus increasing effectiveness of these measures.

The measure is carried out with a view to improving the Draft Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Lithuania, submitted for deliberation to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania on 7 June 2012.”

Objective 2: promoting corporate responsibility and respect in the field of business and human rights

A. Implemented and on-going measures for the development of CSR in Lithuania [page 6]

3. “The application of CRS principles to the state-owned enterprisesIt was foreseen that state-owned enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the SOE) operating under the principles of good governance may act as examples of socially responsible business. To this end, since 2010, actions were taken to restructure SOEs with a particular focus on corporate transparency and social responsibility.”