Objective 3: ensuring access to effective remedy [page 10]

A. Implemented measures

5. “Improvement of collective dispute regulation. The aims is to held discussions with social partners to determine the need for revision of provisions regulating collective bargaining and to encourage parties to establish a mechanism for settling disputes at company level.”

B. Planned measures

3. “Development of peaceful and extrajudicial/ consumer dispute resolution. The aim is to establish a more effective procedure for extrajudicial resolution of disputes, to increase the participation of social partners (consumer associations and business organisations) in the system of alternative dispute resolution and to encourage self-regulation institutions to become members of tile consumer rights protection system.”

4. “Promotion of business self-regulation. The aim is to encourage the creation of a code of conduct as well as cooperation with the subjects responsible for codes of conduct and other business entities that have taken on commitments according to the existing codes of conduct. At present there are 10 codes of business ethics.”