Japan – Tourism

Chapter 2. Action Plan

2. Areas of the NAP

(1) Cross-cutting areas

E. Equality before the Law (Persons with Disabilities, Women, Persons of Diverse Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, and Other Groups)

(Future measures planned)

(a) Promote barrier-free and universal design


  • Promote accessibility across Japan by preparing and distributing a nationally consistent reception manual and implementing training for transportation, tourism, logistics restaurants and industries, and other industries. [Japan Tourism Agency]


( f )Ensure impartial treatment in public spaces or services

  • Continue steady implementation in accordance with the Hotel Business Act (Act No. 138 of 1948), which does not permit denial of lodging, etc. solely on the grounds of belonging to a specific race or ethnicity, or of being a same sex couple. [Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare]
  • Steadily implement the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act on Development of Hotels for Inbound Tourists (Ministry of Transport Order No. 3 of 1993), which prohibits registered hotels from engaging in unfair discrimination against inbound international travelers or unfair discrimination between inbound international travelers and other guests concerning accommodation fees, food and beverage fees, and other services provided. [Japan Tourism Agency]


B. Promotion and Protection of Children’s Rights

(Future measures planned)


(b)Raise awareness about child prostitution through compliance with the Travel Agency Act

  • Continue to engage in awareness-raising activities concerning child prostitution through compliance with the Travel Agency Act (Act No. 239 of 1952), and on-site inspections based on the Travel Agency Act to prevent travel agencies from being involved in organizing inappropriate tours such as those with the intention of child prostitution. [Japan Tourism Agency]