Japan – ICT and electronics sector

Chapter 2. Action Plan

2. Areas of the NAP

(1) Cross-Cutting Areas

C. Human Rights Associated with the Development of New Technologies

(Existing framework/Measures taken )

In terms of the development of artificial intelligence (AI), a Council for Social Principles of Human-centric AI was established for the purpose of considering the basic principles for implementing and sharing AI in society in a better way under the AI Strategy Expert Meeting for Strength and Promotion of Innovation. As a result of the review by the Council, the Social Principles of Human-centric AI, which comprise three basic values and seven principles were established in March 2019.


(Future measures planned)

(a)Address online defamation and privacy infringement, including hate speech

  • Continue efforts such as requesting providers to delete abusive information in case human rights violations, including defamation and privacy infringement on the Internet, are observed. [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Justice]

 (b) Promote discussion on the use of AI from the perspective of protection of human rights

  • Continue efforts to promote establishment of the Social Principles of Human-centric AI, including the perspective of respecting human rights, to ensure acceptance and appropriate use of AI in society. [All Ministries]

(c)Promote discussion on the use of AI from the perspective of protection of privacy

  • Continue efforts to promote discussion regarding the use of AI and privacy protection at international conferences and other occasions. [Personal Information Protection Commission; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry]