Japan – Data protection & privacy

Chapter 2. Action Plan

2. Areas of the NAP

(1) Cross-cutting areas

C. Human Rights Associated with the Development of New Technologies

(Existing framework/Measures taken )

As measures that have already been conducted, when consulted about the information on human rights violations, such as defamation and privacy infringement on the Internet, the Government has advised victims on the methods for requesting the disclosure of the sender’s information and the deletion of the information by providers. In case the victims find it difficult to recover from the damage caused by abusive content, efforts are made to remedy the damage by requesting providers to delete such abusive information. With respect to these initiatives, sufficient attention is paid to take into account gender equality perspectives as well as diversity and inclusiveness.

(Future measures planned)

(a) Address online defamation and privacy infringement, including hate speech

  • Continue efforts such as requesting providers to delete abusive information in case human rights violations, including defamation and privacy infringement on the Internet, are observed. [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Justice]


(c) Promote discussion on the use of AI from the perspective of protection of privacy

  • Continue efforts to promote discussion regarding the use of AI and privacy protection at international conferences and other occasions. [Personal Information Protection Commission; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry]