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IV. Italian ongoing activities and future commitments

Sustainable development

“Italy, with regard to the Initiative undertaken in December 2019 by the new EU Commission for a Green Deal that aims by 2050 to a climate-neutral Europe, has established a fund for public investment (€ 4.24 billion for years from 2020 to 2023). It is intended to support innovative investment projects and programmes with a high level of environmental sustainability, which will be used to support investments in relation to circular economy, as well as in de-carbonisation, urban regeneration, sustainable tourism, adaptation and mitigation of risks from climate change.” (p. 34)

ANNEX 1 – Accountability Grid and Assessment Tools for the Implementation of the NAP

“2. Update the implementation assessment information of Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 in order to evaluate its extension in terms of objectives and application of the administrative liability of legal persons, and to pursue the following objectives in this area:

– the fight against the crisis and the rate of unemployment suffered by economic sectors most affected by measures to counter the epidemic emergency (catering and the gastronomic sector; tourism/hotel sector; small businesses/individuals in the craft and retail sectors of Made in Italy)” (p. 61)