Italy – SOE

A. Foundational Principles

[page 11]

Enterprises domiciled and/or operating in Italy must respect human rights throughout all their activities: the respect of fundamental human rights is a cornerstone of the economic activities as well, carried out either by public or private companies…

The State-business Nexus

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States have particular duties with respect to companies that they own or control and should take additional steps in relation to their duty to protect: states have the means to ensure that policies and regulations respecting human rights are monitored and implemented, and as a matter of coherence, Governments should lead by example by adopting the same behaviours expected from private companies. Italy is committed to ensure that business enterprises that: i) are owned, controlled by the State; ii) receive support, benefit from services from Government agencies; iii) contract and conduct commercial transactions with the State, operate in full compliance with human rights enshrined in domestic legislation, international regulations and standards, and soft law instruments…

Planned Measures

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… the Italian Government will conduct the following activities to be jointly developed and monitored by CIDU and A.N.AC:

  • Within the framework of the monitoring mechanism set in the Plan (see par. V) give special attention to due diligence of business enterprises owned or controlled by the State. …