Italy – PwD

I. Statement of Commitment

[page 5]

… To protect human rights, Italy undertakes to:

  • Continue to protect, promote universal respect for, and observance of, all human rights, fundamental freedoms and non-discrimination principles, with special attention to the rights of most vulnerable groups, such as … disabled; …

Planned Measures

[page 16]

  • Implement the provisions included in the draft of the II Program of Action on Disability – currently under approval – with particular focus to line of intervention n. 5 “Labour and occupation” and to the dispositions concerning the definition of supporting measures and of a system of incentives for the I and II level collective negotiations on matters of flexibility, part-time and treatment-work-life balance for persons with disabilities or affected by chronic disease or for caregiver workers for persons with serious disabilities; Ø Strengthen – also in line with the implementation of art. 25 of the UN Convention of Rights of people with disabilities – respect of fundamental rights of people with disabilities with regard access to medical treatment in hospitals and their quality, through the promotion and dissemination of the “Carta dei diritti delle persone con disabilità in ospedale” realized by the Coop. Sociale Onlus Spes contra Spem in 2010; …

Planned Measures

[page 20]

  • Encourage companies in the dissemination of anti-discrimination culture by: …ii) promoting bodies (such as the Osservatorio Aziendale and the Disability Manager) that will have the aim of promoting the inclusion of workers with disabilities within the workplace, as foreseen in the draft of the II Program of Action on Disability; …