Italy – garment

IV. Italian ongoing activities and future commitments

Responsible Conduct and Due Diligence in the framework of the United Nations, OECD and European Union

“Also within the framework of specialized agencies of international organizations such as UNCE/FACT the duty of care has been addressed in a structural manner by producing a Recommendation no. 46: “For the improvement of traceability and transparency of sustainable value chains in the apparel and footwear sector”. This Recommendation, aimed at supporting sustainable development through the promotion of business models marked by the adoption of the duty of care and to develop responsible consumption, was approved at the 27th Plenary Session of the United Nations Economic and Social Council in April 2021 and is now being implemented.

Italy has followed the above-mentioned process and will continue to provide its contribution to the international debate, taking into proper consideration not only potential risks depending upon lack of Due Diligence but also the factual impact of business conduct stemming from a scarce Due Diligence.” (p. 44)