Italy – Data

IV. Italian ongoing activities and future commitments

Children’s and adolescents’ rights

“The Italian Government supports public and private sector initiatives to promote attention, inclusion and protection of children’s and adolescents’ rights in business practices with the aim of integrating them into all aspects of the value chain – from investment practices, supplier relations, marketing, end-product safety, data protection 41 and privacy protection, to the impact of business activities on communities, market and the environment” (p. 40)

ANNEX 1 – Accountability Grid and Assessment Tools for the Implementation of the NAP

“21. (…) The inclusion of children’s rights in business practices includes: the provision of “family friendly policies” designed to support workers in their role as parents/caregivers (smart working, paid parental leave, social protection and adequate wages for all); the introduction of measures to monitor the presence of minors in the workplace; the adoption of Child Safeguarding Policies/Codes of Conduct to foresee, report and take charge of potential risk situations for minors who come into contact with the company; the provision of security guarantees for digital environment (data protection, access to age-appropriate content, privacy protection).” (p. 64)